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“To remain contemporary hair stylists I think it is essential to invest our time and resources in sustained and advanced training”



My husband and I started Diesel Salon Inc. in 2006. Since owning a hair salon was a life goal of mine, I convinced Kyle to join me in this fascinating industry so we could establish an inimitable hair salon in the heart of San Diego.
I have been in this wonderful industry since 1998, and love every facet of it.
One of our internal visions for our staff and ourselves is sustained and advanced training. To remain contemporary stylists, it is essential for the Diesel Salon team to invest our time and resources to training. We have devoted ourselves and our team to this commitment, allowing us to focus on new styles, techniques and products. Over the last two decades I have trained or worked with Bumble and Bumble, L’Oréal Professionnel, Kerastas and Vidal Sassoon.   Our obligation to diverse schooling has enabled us to cater to the needs of the various types of clients we serve in the San Diego region.
Going beyond the salon I have had the opportunity to collaborate with many amazing designers and photographers. I have had the opportunity to train in NYC, PARIS, MELBOURNE, SYDNEY, ROME and VIENNA with several academies. Creating trends and looks from classic avant-garde for editorials, advertising for fashion companies, and fashion shows. Designing fantasy hair and conducting runways truly inspires and promotes creativity to incorporate new styles for day to day looks for our clients!
Rest assured that I can create a unique style for each individual. Over the past two decades I have had the opportunity to uplift a woman’s countenance with a fresh look, or enrich a man’s confidence with a new style. This is what truly brings satisfaction to my career. I love each and everyone of my clients, and hope you join them in the Diesel Salon family!

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5 Responses to “Candice”

  1. Christiana says:

    Candice is by far the best thing that has happened to my hair!! I have always been particular about my cuts, style and color given that I am meeting with clients on a daily basis and Candice never fails to deliver a winning look. I’ve learned to schedule my appointments for a Friday so I can enjoy a night on the town with my husband while feeling fabulous. (He gets his cuts by Candice too!) In fact, Candice styled both of us for our wedding in NY and did an amazing job creating the perfect look for the day. Ultimately, she is an extremely talented stylist and wonderful human being. You simply cannot go wrong paying her a visit!!

  2. Nancy L. says:

    Among things most nerve-racking for me is trying out a new hair salon for the very first time. I’m pleased to report that my initial visit to Diesel Salon turned out to be a wonderful experience with terrific results. My appointment was with Candice, who I must say did an incredible job, especially given the rather deplorable state of my hair, which was in serious need of correcting a bad haircut, along with having some thirsty roots that needed touching-up. I also had partial highlights done as well. I spelled out all of my hair “issues” and concerns to Candice, and could tell that she truly listened to and “got” what I had to say. My haircut involves lots of layering & texturizing, and I was very impressed with how Candice worked both the razor and scissors on my ‘do; also my color and highlights turned out pretty darn awesome! I walked out of there a little over two hours later with extremely happy hair, and am already looking forward to my next appointment. For the first time in a long time, I am no longer angry or frustrated with my hair. Thank you so very much, Candice!

  3. Rose Paul says:

    I am excited to get my hair cut by Candice
    when I visit my daughter in San Diego next week. I LOVE to have my hair done by her.
    In fact I always get a Candice cut when I am there!

  4. Michael Kimmel says:

    Candice is a masterful stylist. She is creative, insightful, patient and kind. I have enjoyed working with her for many years’ now and have referred quite a few of my friends/clients to her. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She’s also a lovely person, funny and wise.

  5. Phil Blauer says:

    Its Phil Blauer at Fox 5. Thank you for doing a great job with my colleagues on the air Wow! You guys rock!

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